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Mustang Owner's Podcast

Steve Hall: executive director of the Mustang Owner's Museum, and John Clor: Director of Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications interview influential people in the Mustang world. Subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Natasha De Melis - a.k.a Mustang Marie


John and Mike chat it up with Mustang Marie and hear what she's doing these days in the Mustang World.

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Natasha De Melis - a.k.a Mustang Marie


John and Mike chat it up with Mustang Marie and hear what she's doing these days in the Mustang World.

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Bradley Belcher - Millenial Mustang Registry


Worried about the next generatrion of Mustang enthusiasts? John and Mike talk to Bradley Belcher about his registry, his club and what future car shows may look like.

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Steve & Angie Caesar - The Mustang Stampede


Steve and Angie Caesar talk to John and Mike about their experience at this year's Mustang Stampede/

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Jack Roush Jr.


John and Mike talk with Jack Roush Jr as he brings us up to speed on that's been happening at Roush Performance.

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Aaron Shelby - Grandson of Carrol Shelby


What's it like being the grandson of Carrol Shelby?  Aaron lifts the veil briefly and tells John and Mike some of his most cherished moments with his grandfather.

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John Grafelman - The Larry Shinoda Boss 302


John Grafelman tells John and Mike about how he acquired Larry Shinoda's Boss 302, and the effort involved in verifying its authenticity.

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Mike Berardi - Retired Ford Global Director of Service Engineering Operations


He has a great Mustang collection and great Mustang stories too, John and Mike chat with Mike Berardi about some of his most recent acquisitions and tall tales.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. - Formula Drift Champion


Vaughn talks with John and Mike about his drifting championships, life during the pandemic, and his current project with Ford.

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Jack Telnack - Ford Icon - Foxbody Mustang


John Clor, Director of Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications, and Mike Rey, President of MOCSEM ask Jack Telnack; the visionary designer who created the Foxbody Mustang what the future holds for the industry, and the design possibilities for electrics.

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Keith Floyd - Somernites Cruise - Ford Car Show and World Record Attempt


John and Mike talk to Keith Floyd, Executive Director of Somernites Cruise. This year’s Ford Car Show will be held on August 26th -27th, and Somernites Cruise will attempt to break the world record for “Longest Ford Parade” and “Longest Mustang Parade,” which is currently held overseas. So if you are attending or thinking about attending, we hope you will consider being a part of the world record attempt and help Somernites Cruise bring the title back to the U.S.

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Autumn Schwalbe - Foxbody Drag Racer and Ford Marketing


In a multi faceted episode, Autumn tells John and Mike how she got started in racing and how that led to her current position as Marketing Communications Specialist at Ford Motor Company.

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Rob Gelardi - Ford Engineer


John and Ray talk with Rob Gelardi about his role in multiple Mustang launches.

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Ken Appell - Carlisle Ford Nationals


John and Mike talk with Ken Appell; event manager for Carlisle Ford Nationals.  They discuss what to see, eat, and do at one of the biggest Ford shows in the world happening from June 3rd till 5th in Carlisle, PA.

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Paul Rocha and Sean Kiernan - Two Bullittheads in One Chamber


Funny stories galore as Paul and Sean join John and Mike to talk Bullitts, National Bullitt Day 2022, and other memorable moments.

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Nicholas Terzes - Ford Engineer


On this episode we hear from Mustang enthusiast, and Ford Engineer Nick Terzes.  Though his current role at Ford is SEMA Planning & Strategy Supervisor; Nick tells John and Mike what it was like working in the various engineering departments at Ford.

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Gary Patterson: President - Shelby American


Gary Patterson, President of Shelby American, tells John and Mike how his early days as a lover of Mustangs transitioned into working with one of the most iconic personalities in automotive history.

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Paul Newitt - California Special Historian


Paul Newitt, California Special historian tells John and Mike some of the stories regarding the creation of the California Special, and gives us a behinds the scenes look at the obstacles which stood in the way of the car making it to the showroom.

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Kevin Marti - The Marti Report


Think you're about to purchase a rare Mustang?  Before you commit, you need to get a Marti Report.  John and Mike talk with Kevin Marti; creator of The Marti Report.  They discuss what's in a Marti Report, and why it's beneficial to the Mustang owner.  To order a Marti Reportgo to:

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Sam Auxier Jr. - Legendary Ford Drag Racer


Sam Auxier Jr tells John and Mike how he got his start in drag racing.

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Dave Persell - Reveals the Vibe Behind Bob Seger’s Mustang


What if you only had five minutes to buy a 1965 Mustang Fastback?  John and Mike talk with Dave Persell when he and his wife Kaye were faced with this situation.

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Mark Schaller - Ford's Customer Experience Manager


John and Mike explore some of Mark’s most memorable moments while on the Mustang program.

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Janine Bay Teske - SVT Engineering Manager


John and Mike interview Janine Bay Teske, whose 25-year Ford career had included SVT Engineering Manager, Mustang Vehicle Line Director, and  Vehicle Personalization Managing Director.

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Darrell Behmer - Ford Mustang Chief Designer


Hosts John Clor and Mike Rey, host an exclusive chat with Ford Performance and Mustang Chief Designer Darrell Behmer to hear some of his Mustang (and other) design highlights from his storied career at Ford.

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What a Drag - Drag Racing Stories and Street Racing on

Woodward Ave


In this Mustang drag racing episode; John Clor and Mike Rey talk about the passing of John Kolb Jr., and the new Shelby GT500KR.  Racing on Woodward Ave, and how one dealership owner got Ford to acknowledge the opportunities that lie within the racing community with the creation of the Cobra Jet Mustang.

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David Pericak - Ford Director Enterprise Product Line Management - Ford Icons


John and Mike talk with Dave Pericak, and discuss his many accomplishments as chief engineer for the Ford Mustang, then as Gobal Director of Ford Performance, and currently as Director Enterprise Product Line Management for Ford Icons.

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What Makes a Great Car Club Event?


John Clor and Mike Rey reveal the secrets of what makes a club event great and give examples of some of the bucket-list shows on the Ford enthusiast’s annual calendar.

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Emeline King - Transportation Designer for Ford Motor Company


John Clor interviews Emeline King; the first African American female transportation designer for Ford Motor Company.  Emeline talks about her new book that documents her time among other projects; working on the Mustang Team, and her role in the development of the SN95 Mustang.

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Inside a Team Mustang Gathering


Join John and Mike on a Team Mustang gathering at a local restaurant in Dearborn to interview longtime Mustang program coordinator Holly Jaskolski and celebrate her retirement from Ford Motor Company.

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The Business of Running a Mustang Car Club


John Clor returns with Mike Rey to discuss why Mustang clubs that operate and market themselves like a small business are far more successful – and fun -- than those who simply exist as a social group.  They also discuss the beneficial relationships Mustang Car Clubs can have with the communities they represent, and the local Ford dealerships.

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The Benefits of Joining a Mustang Car Club


In his first episode on the Mustang Owner’s Podcast, Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications Manager John Clor, and Mustang hobby expert Mike Rey, President of the Mustang Owners Club of SouthEastern Michigan, discuss why the Mustang ownership experience is enhanced when you join and participate in your regional Mustang club.

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